Expand My World, Discovering My Home

Spring 2016

Since hiking across the state of Indiana last December, I've been inspired to learn more about my home. This spring I am setting out to hike and paddle a majority of the trails and rivers in Southern Indiana. Follow along on the LIVE TRACKING tab or on my Facebook page. 

January 2016  - The Great Basin Expedition. Starting from the Lake Utah on the far eastern edge, I set out to become the first person to trek across the entirety of the Great Basin Desert, solo, unsupported, and in the dead of winter. For over 200 miles,  I faced freezing temperatures, sprawling salt flats, traversed numerous mountain ranges, and pushed through it all to help raise awareness of our nations land trusts. I had just hit the Utah/Nevada border when a fall accentuated a stress fracture in my left tibia, and for fed my to stop the hike early. But this story is not over yet. I'll be back to the desert to try it again once I am healed. 

My expeditions are made possible with the support and gear provided by:

2015: The Indiana Land Trust Trek: Traversed over 200 miles across the state of Indiana during winter, solo and unsupported, to raise funds and awareness for Indiana's wild places.

2014 - Travelled through Peru, Bolivia, and Chile for Altivas Canas Children's Project and Gear Going Global. For six weeks I hiked, biked, and backpacked around South America explored the mountains, deserts, and jungles it has to offer. 

2013 - Source to Sea Paddle of the Mississippi River for the benefit of the New Orleans Area Habitat for Humanity. Starting with a partner, and finishing solo, I started from the headwaters, Lake Itasca Minnesota, and made my way south to New Orleans over a period of 54 days. 

2011 - Mongol Rally: Along with friend Alex Kalke, Our Team (Eskimo Bruders)  drove two Suzuki 125cc motorbikes over 11,000 miles, from Czech Republic to Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia.  For 53 days we traveled south through Europe, crossed over into Turkey, then passed north through Georgia, Russian and onto the Mongolian Steppe. All for the benefit of Central Asia Institute.